Forex in A Box Videos and A Membership Site Included

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Ever wanted to learn how to do Forex? 


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How to Make Money Online With No Cash Investment – Scam Free Guide

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Okay, so what I am about to share with you isn’t necessarily going to make you rich overnight. Anything is possible, but overnight riches will not be promised here. With the right guidance, resources, and some reasonable work you can begin to supplement your income and eventually build yourself a profitable money making business.

Making money online will take some time and some ingenuity, but you can succeed without any out of pocket investment. I will share with you in this article some knowledge that can change your financial future forever, right here, right now. I will make this as simple and brief as possible, because I know you are in need of money if you are reading this. Let’s begin.

I want to offer you some important tips before I share this information . I want to emphasize to you that the road to riches is never an easy one and you will want to do some planning before you begin trying to make money online. Prepare yourself with the tips below before scrolling any further.

1.Investing Money – Promise to invest your first earnings into turning your operation into a functioning Internet business so that your profits can continue to grow. These investments may include placing advertisements, buying a domain name, website hosting, logo creation, etc. I suggest visiting to devise a business plan as your money multiplies. You will want to keep track of your business spending so using accounting software will also be helpful. You can get accounting software for free at Turbo Cash  should you need it.

2.Investing Time – Plan out 4 hours out of the week for your online profit plan. I am not saying to take a whole 4 hours out of one day. If your busy you can throw in a few minutes a day here and there, but try to stay dedicated to making this work for you. Extra weekend time available? If you feel you need coaching to better manage your time for this to work for you, you can visit online.

3. Learning – Never stop learning. Always try to expand your knowledge by visiting websites with information on business marketing, business planning, etc. Using Google Search is a great way to obtain free information on various subjects that will help you down the way as you grow. Some good information sites include and

4.Confidence – Never give up faith in yourself. Do not be scared to try new things. You will need to do a lot of writing to make this work. Do not be afraid if you are not a writer, people like to read what other people write all the time. If you write people on your MySpace, then that is enough skill to get you started.

So now that we have gone through some mental preparation, let me share with you the free available tools you will need to make money online. You may need to bookmark this page for future reference and I actually suggest you do that.

1. Finding Products to Sell – You will need at least one product to offer, otherwise it will be impossible to make money. By doing a Google Search for “Free Affiliate Programs” you can find many interesting and unique products to represent online. Some companies even give you a free website to market their products. I suggest visiting the following sites: and

NOTE: Most affiliate programs require you already have your own website and domain name. The two companies above do not require this, so these are your first best options to sign up with.

2. Get a Free Website – Yes, you can run a website for free. Down the road you will want to buy a site, but if you have no money to invest, free is where you will need to start. You can visit for a free website however I suggest you try starting a blog, especially if your a beginner online. You can get a free blog started at either or

3. Customize Your Site – With your new site you might want to try to customize the colors and appearance, this will help in the future with search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Engines do not like duplicate designs, so whatever you can do to make the design more unique will help you, but if you do not have the experience it is better to wait until you can afford to hire someone to design your site for you.

4. Start Writing – In your site start to write on subjects that you are familiar with. It can be anything from cars to zoo animals. You will want to write at least 3 posts a week to your blog. If it is a website then you will want to create three new pages a week with some content. I say anything above 300 words should be good. You can even write your opinion on recent news and events. Before you start writing it may be helpful to look up the popularity of such subjects by typing in the main keyword for the subject in the Google Keyword Analyzer that can be found at Try to find longer keywords that relate to the subject and add them to your posts.

5. Start Linking – Once you have content you can start adding your links. Try different methods for placing the links. If a word matches a product you offer in your content you can hyperlink the word to the URL where you get credit for the sales! Clickbank has a search box that you can type in a keyword related to your article, you may find a product to match what your writing about! You can also place banner advertisements in between your articles to help guide readers to your products. If you use a blog, hyperlinking will be extremely easy without any programming knowledge.

6. Search Engines – If at all possible join a forum where they allow URL signatures and put your personal website hyperlinked in your signature. Make some comments with your signature intact, this will help you get listed with the search engines. One forum you can join is which has many different subjects to chat about. If you do not have the time to post in a forum and want the engines to notice you then you will have to submit your URL to them yourself.


The first method is recommended and far more beneficial than the second, especially for new sites. To learn more about search engines visit

7. Promotion – Start promoting your blog and links on your MySpace Blog, FaceBook, Digg, etc. DO NOT use email, Craigslist, MySpace messaging, or any other method of promotion that may be found intrusive to other users. SPAM can not only get your profile banned from certain sites, but it can also get you the good boot from your affiliate program. There are no short cuts here … follow the rules or loose out.

Bonus Guerrilla Method for My Readers

This next bit of information is a bonus start-up method. I will warn you, it must be done right or it won’t work at all. This method has the potential to boost your profit potential substantially if you are careful and diligent. By the way, this method is not deployed by myself and is best suited for ClickBank affiliates which I am not.

1. Sign up for Yahoo Answers at

2. Start answering questions from other users online. You might want to see how others answer the questions to get a feel for how the community works. Make sure you answer questions within subject matter you somewhat know. Always add links to reference with your answers. DO NOT use your affiliate links … yet. Answer about three questions a day for a week before moving on to step 3.

3. After answering questions for at least a week you can now do something amazing. When you answer questions, you can type in a keyword relating to the question in ClickBank search and find products that are related to the question subject. All you have to do is copy and paste the referral URL.. You must have a good answer to go along with the URL. Do not paste only your URL, you must find other URLs to add to your answer that relate to their question or you will be spotted and reported for SPAM and your account deleted. The community can spot bad answers easily, don’t be greedy or dumb.

If you keep up with all the methods I have provided you with, you should be able to start making some real money online without ever having invested a penny. There is much more to learn but I have given you some basic guidance. I wish you much luck in your online money making efforts! Oh and remember, practice makes perfect. Trial and error are natural occurrences in life, keep your spirits high and never give up.

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Article Source:

This article was written by Aaron Siegel of TopSavings.Net which offers communication products for both home and business. Get your own free website and start making money online offering cell phones, VoIP, calling cards, and more.

Blogging for Bucks – Making Money Online

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Blog All The Way  To the Bank!

Learn How to

Make Money Online

Making money online blogging for bucks is one of the

easiest ways out there to build a website business.

Blogging for bucks is a favorite way to start online.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, why not try it?

It can be very quick to set up and can be completely free.

It is a website that has entries listed in reverse chronological order.

The original idea behind it was to be an online journal or diary that was updated daily. However, once a blogger is established, they may just need to update their blog two to three times a week.

Over the last decade many software programs and blogging platforms have been created to make the process easy.

Anyone who is really trying to make money with a blog will probably be more successful with a self-hosted blog.

Getting a self-hosted blog may not be free, but still can be inexpensive. You will need to pay for nothing more than a domain name and web-hosting.

Learn To Use WordPress or

It will take time for you to truly master the ins and outs of blogging and learn how to fully utilize all of the plugins and widgets available, but once you get the hang of the versatile blogging tools at your disposal, you’ll find the free software to be quite indispensable.

Start Blogging on a Daily Basis

The key to surviving as a blogger and building a sustainable future as a blogger capable of making a living online through blogging – is to stay consistent and always write good content.

When you first start out, your readership may be few, but that’s absolutely normal. Don’t stop writing quality content as that is the only way you will generate readership in the very long run.

How to Monetize Your Blog and Increase Blog Traffic

Blogging should always be a work in progress. You should always be adapting and finding ways to do existing things better.

Strategic Google Adsense placement, targeted blog titles, and improved search engine optimization updates are ways to boost your income and traffic.

How to Increase Traffic

Begin to get listed in search engine submissions, blog directory listings, exchanging blog rolls, swapping reciprocal text links, participating in blog carnivals via, guest posting on other blogs, writing comments in popular online forums and participate in popular related blogs and article marketing.

Learn, Experiment and Examine Your Competition

One of the best ways to improve your own blog and blogging approach is to learn from the techniques of others.

Take a peek at your competitor’s blog or visit your favorite blogs to see how they monetize and how they structure their blog content.

Learn from the best, and constantly improve.

But just like anything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

The two keys are consistency and a willingness to learn. Without them, I would say that it will be very difficult to make money online blogging for bucks

For more great tips and free information:

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Forex Trend Wave Review

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Forex Trend Wave is a user friendly visual – hands on trading system that new and experienced traders alike can effectively use day in and day out.

In fact, it’s so easy to use a child could do it!

Forex Trend Wave is based on the “Current Market Price!” And not some far out trend analysis, which in turn will continue to work for you – day in and day out!

Check out this Video and watch how
Jess Palmer takes $360 from the Forex
Market with Ease:

Video is Here

It isn’t Easy to Make Money on the Internet

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It isn’t Easy to Make Money on the Internet and even when working from home on your computer sounds so great!  Working from home is wonderful, but if you don’t make any money it is just lost time, effort and money.

It is easy to get caught up in buying program after program promising  thousands of Dollars a day for working 15 minutes while you ride up and down the road in your Porsche and lounge on the beach with your laptop.

Unfortunately Internet Marketing takes Time, skill, persestenance and enough technical skill to set up a WordPress site with plugins and widgets.  You also need an auto responder and squeeze pages to start collecting people to have an email list.  Unfortunately more than a passing aquaintence with html is needed. offers a free course that will get you up to speed.  For working with  a few things there are ebooks around that you can download for free that will guide you through the basics so you can make and edit a “squeeze” or “sales” page.

The most successful Marketers I have observed have large email lists and work at recruiting affiliates and growing their email lists to sell their own products or others products for a commission.

There are ways to generate free website traffic, but they take time and effort.  Blogging, Facebook and Twitter sound great, but from my limited experience I haven’t seen much results for all the time consuming effort that I have put in.  Publishing articles, joining forums and leaving links (many you need to post a required number of times before you can leave a link) requires organization, knowledge and TIME!

Read all about a program before you buy and see if you can determine what it really does.  It doesn’t hurt to google it and read some of the reviews, or check and see if there is a forum or blog related to it.   Also determine if you are going to be able to work with the program using your  level of technical skill.

Make sure you purchase a program with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE so you have time to try it out and either get rich overnight or get a refund if it doesn’t work.

I have tried out so many that I will probably get on Clickbanks banned list.  Some of what I have bought were just so technical that I couldn’t use them.  Others had software in them that my old computer just couldn’t handle.  I have one program that I love, the videos are so clear and give precise instructions on how to use the program on WordPress site. I am really learning from this program exactly what I need to do start making money.  However, it is designed for long term steady profits and not for an overnight miracle.  Here is a link to  this program, very affordable.  Buy it first, go through it and then see if you are ready  for an upgrade.

This Makes it Easier to Make Money on the Internet.  Just to get you started here is a program from me a gift  Click and Go!


ATTENTION: Struggling Internet Marketers

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Attention: Struggling Internet Marketers

Discover how a 26yr Old Physics “Geek” Stumbled on to The ONE BIG SECRET TO Effortlessly Catapult Brand New Sites To The Top of Google In 24 Hours or Less And How You Can Generate A Flood of “Cash-In-Hand Buyers”

…Even If You Have No Experience!

Forget Expensive PPC Costs..Imagine Wall-To-Wall Traffic Floods of Laser-Targeted, Movtivated Visitors Coming To YOUR Site From FREE Google Traffic…

Here is a Direct Quote from Richard Legg:

If you’ve spent any time trying to build an online business, there’s probably one thing that you’ve struggled with more than anything else … TRAFFIC.

The simple truth is the  lifeblood of any online business, is …

 Traffic = Money!


For most people starting out online, there is a huge shortage of both.

Imagine for a second though …What if you could put up a brand new website, have it up and running in 5 minutes and on the front page of Google in 24 hours or less…Sound impossible?

The truth is, SEO companies and other “gurus” have made search engine optimization out to be much more difficult than it really is.   That’s how they’re able to charge ridiculous prices for their products and services.

Getting traffic is NOT difficult – it’s all about following a system and giving Google what they want.

 Let’s talk about The “Instant Traffic Shortcuts” Training Course…

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover in this indepth video training…

The #1 Step you MUST take before you even register your domain name – get this wrong and you’ll make it 10x harder to get traffic.

How using the right browser can help you spy on the competition.
Determining the REAL number of searches from Keyword Research tools and how 90% of people are telling you the WRONG way to do this.

The secrets to effortlessly seeing who your REAL market competition is. HINT: It’s not just searching with  quotes.
How to create a fully search engine optimized site in under 5 minutes – Guaranteed – even if you’ve never created a site in your life.
How to ethically “Steal” your competitors traffic..
The secrets to swiping your competitors most profitable keywords.
How to determine how much money a single keyword can make you.
Getting your site indexed in Google, Yahoo and MSN in record time.

The Free tools you can use to mass produce an unending supply of unique, relevant content that the search engines love.
How to generate hundreds (or even thousands) of guaranteed keyword rich ‘do-follow’ links in just 3 minutes.
The secrets to getting brand new sites to the front page of Google in 24 hours from the time of registering the domain name … or less! And much, much more!

Dushan Vaithilingam says this about the program.

So far only a handful of people have had access to these secrets, but the incredible results they’ve obtained have surprised even me….My Website went To The 4th Position In 24 Hours…After having spent many thousands of dollars; days, months and years on the net, hoping to find that one program that would set me on the right path to my dream lifestyle, I only found myself going in circles, spending more money (Ididn’t have) and time (I couldn’t spare anymore), and all the while Internet Marketing remained an elusive tease. A Big Black Hole, sucking my life away.

For sure, it all but appeared to be doomed with this “new economy of disaster”, in these uncertain times.

Richard Legg changed all this for me in a few short weeks ago. Using only the first part of his course I managed to get my website to the fourth position out of approximately 500,000 competitor websites, in 24 short hours, on Google.

I think it was 24 hours but it could be less, I only checked 24 hours after I  set it up.  All of this with the FREE TOOLS Richard taught me.


Richard Legg has, in a period of a few weeks, TRANSFORMED me into the SUCCESS MODE. 

Ok so lets give it to you straight, WHETHER YOUARE A NEWBIE OR A SEASONED VETERAN MARKETER, you will learn how to go from the beginning to the highest level of IM expertise, after learning from “MONSIEUR LEGG”. 

Richard is simply a brilliant, well spoken, generous and a methodical teacher. I’ve had many teachers (I spent 20 years in University L ).  Spent is a good word I suppose. You could spend wisely or foolishly.

 When it comes to buying The Internet Marketing Dream Lifestyle, I bet you will agree most of us spend foolishly buying Internet Marketing courses, memberships, ebooks, software and other paraphernalia, hoping to find The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs.
I suggest YOU spend your hard earned cash wisely.For once learn something solid about Internet Marketing, in a stepwise manner and put it to ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

Richard’s course is the first and only course you will need to purchase to get 95% of the way to success. Oh Yeah and best of all he teaches you how to use FREE TOOLS. 


Thanks Richard Legg. You are a brilliant, kind and generous young man. I am honoured to have met you.

I have a link just below to a course that I can highly reccommend.  It targets what the struggling internet marketer needs:  TRAFFIC!  

It is probably one of the most useful and informative  pieces of information I have come across, plus very good, no great support.   Go take a look, the video is worth watching.  You will probably learn more from it than months of working and buying programs.

How to be on Page One at Google quicker than you thought possible!



Can You Make Instant Money Online?

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Make Instant Money Online

There is no such thing as ‘make instant money online,’ but there is one thing that I can guarantee, there is opportunity for anyone to make money online. The best way is to find the right programs, learn the internet marketing basics to start, and work hard with consistency.

Any online visitor will tell you that multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities, instant money making schemes, and chances to make thousands through ‘online’ affiliate programs are simply scams. Who even clicks on those ads anymore?

It’s true, most ‘make instant money online’ schemes are scams, however, for those few people who persist and promote one of the better affiliate programs or MLM opportunities, success is virtually guaranteed.

The only way you can fail is if you give up. The key is to learn internet marketing, specifically one or two methods you are passionate about or like doing. Master the one or two you choose, which can be social media, video, blogging, articles, press releases, or any other form of online media, then add another to your arsenal and master it. The key is consistency.

How can I say this? The fact is any business, online or offline, takes time and effort to get off the ground. While there is no ‘instant rich’ answer, there is the ‘work your butt off’ solution to success and riches. Programs like Google Cash never work simply because they guarantee success or promise the moon and the stars. If you do a Google search for ‘Google Cash’ you will find a lot of blogs which are dedicated to raising awareness about Google Cash so more people are not taken for their money.

You can’t put up a site, add links, and expect to make money online like it  is falling from the sky. You have to do a market analysis, a competitor’s analysis, link building, social networking, and then some. Just like any business, you will put in more time than you make money initially, but if you are good and learn fast, within six months, give or take, you will start seeing results. The more the traffic on your site the better your chance of success will be. Good affiliate programs are a great place to start, although don’t plan on retiring from the profits, because the product is already created by someone else and you only need to worry about marketing and getting people to buy it. Learn the internet marketing basics and you will be on your way.

Next, you check your pages and analyze where the traffic is coming from, which clicks make money, what works and what does not. It’s all a game of strategy and numbers, so you have to make sure you stay on top of the changes happening in the online world.

Having some experience is usually a good thing and helps expedite the process. I say ‘usually’ because doing something the wrong way over time becomes a habit, and bad habits are hard to break. So sometimes starting from scratch, using reliable resources to learn from, and having a mentor to help guide you is sometimes a better way to go. No experience and learning correctly from the get go may take a little longer, including some mistakes to learn from, but is well worth it in the end.

The process I went through to learn the internet marketing basics and how to make money online has been at times fun, frustrating, overwhelming, and a mix of other feeling which every successful internet marketer I have spoke to and learned from has said they have been through. The key is to tough it out and not give up!

To see the original posting of this article and to learn more about or contact me go to


How To Make Money Online For Free

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Anyone that is getting tired of working a dreaded job is getting online these days to pursue their own home business. There are many people that don’t have the money to put into starting a business though and that is why you need to be aware of how to make money online for free.

There are many different ways but the following ones are the most effective that many people have found success with in the past and will continue to find success with in the future.

1. Affiliate programs – There are thousands of affiliate programs online for many different types of products. You just have to find one or more programs to promote that you like and sign up for it.

You will be given everything you need to get your business started for free including a website. If you find a good program to promote they will even help you with marketing training so you know where to get started.

2. Ebay – You can easily sign up for a free account with eBay and then find things around your home that you don’t use any more or get things from other people that they are willing to give away. Then start selling them on the auctions with eBay.

You can also set up your own eBay store if you have enough products to sell. Once you get some money coming in you can also purchase products for cheap to sell. One other way to get products to sell for free is to find dropshippers to use.

3. Surveys – There are many free survey sites that you can sign up with and start taking surveys for money. Some of these sites will pay with products or points that can be turned into products or cash. Some of them will even pay with gift cards.

If you want cash then you have to be sure you only use the survey sites that offer this option or at least offer the option to turn points into cash.

4. Niche marketing – This is a free method that you can use if you are able to find a profitable niche. You can use affiliate programs to help you provide what your target market is searching for.

Now that you know how to make money online for free you are more prepared to find a business that is right for you to start. The quicker you get your online business started the faster you will be able to make good money and finally quit your dreaded job for good.


If you enjoyed this article by Stephen Wright check out his Internet marketing business and home business USA website. Get the very latest work from home based business in the USA or anywhere! It contains contains information, products, and services to make your online home business successful. Check us out at:

How Forex Works: Currency Trading Exposed

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What is FOREX?

Currency Forex Trading, also known as FX Trading is an alternate way you can make money in a trading environment. Everyone has heard of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), each featuring either stock trading or options and futures trading. Forex or FX Trading involves the buying and selling of currencies instead of stocks, bonds, options or futures.

FOREX stands for the FOReign EXchange market, which is the international financial market where currencies are traded. The foreign exchange market began in the 1970s and is now the largest financial market in the world, with an average daily turnover of US $1.9 trillion. That’s 30 times the amount of daily activity on all of the US stock exchanges combined.

FX trading is also very different, in that, there is no physical floor or exchange area like there is in New York or Chicago where the Currency Market is located. The Foreign Exchange Market(Forex) or FX Market can only be accessed by phone or by electronic network.

Forex Market Hours

The advantage of not having a central location, but instead having an electronic network, is that Currency Forex Trading can operate 24 hours a day. In fact, the Currency Exchange is open for trading all day and night during work days, roughly 5 days a week.

Forex Market hours begin at 7:00 pm each Sunday, New York time, currency forex online trading begins as markets open in Tokyo, Japan. Next, Singapore and Hong Kong currency markets open for FX trading at 9:00 pm EST, followed by the European markets in Frankfurt (2:00 am), and then the currency trading begins in London at 3:00 am. By 4:00 am, all European currency forex trading markets are in full swing, and Asia has concluded their currency trading day. Then the U.S. markets open first in New York around 8:00 am Monday, just as Forex market hours in Europe wind down. Australia will take over with the start of their currency trading around 5:00 pm, and by 7:00 pm Tokyo is ready to re-open. All of the Forex market hours above were quoted in Eastern Standard Time (New York). And so you can see that the trade of World Currencies takes place round the clock basically from Sunday evening until late Friday night.

FX Trading: Buying and Selling Currencies

Since the FX Trading Market is the largest financial market in the world, it is also the most liquid. This means it is easy to get in and out of a position whenever you want. The more liquid a market is, the easier it is to initiate and fulfill a transaction. Of course, the objective when currency trading in any market is to buy low and sell high. With Forex Trading available online, a person buys and sells the currencies of other nations from his or her computer. For instance, if one believes the U.S. Dollar will strengthen against the EURO they can buy Dollars now and sell them later at a profit.

Traders are able to take advantage of intra-day volatility thanks to the low spreads and enter positions for short time periods, such as minutes and hours. Unlike equity trading, where restrictions limit a trader’s ability to profit from a market down turn, there are no such constraints on currency trading. Currency traders can take advantage of both up and down trends thus increasing their profit potential.

FX Trading Market Symbols

The most commonly traded currencies are The US Dollar (USD), the EURO (EUR), the Japanese Yen (JPY), the Pound of Great Britain (GBP), the Swiss Franc (CHF), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and Australian Dollar(AUD).

All currencies are traded in currency pairs and each currency is represented by a 3 letter code. Therefore, a rate, which consists of a pair of currency codes, will end up being a 6 letter code. For instance, USD/GBP is considered a currency pair with each containing three letters for a total of 6 in a rate. The most commonly traded currency pair is EUR/USD.

All Forex trades result in the buying of one currency and the selling of another (currency trading), simultaneously.

Your objective when Trading Currency options is to make sure you can correctly identify the current trend in the currencies you are trading and to make sure you are buying a currency which is appreciating in value and selling a currency which is depreciating.

“Going Long” and “Going Short” in Forex Day Trading

Buying or “going long” the currency pair implies buying the first, base currency and selling an equivalent amount of the second, quote currency (to pay for the base currency). It is not necessary to own the quote currency prior to selling, as it is sold short.

You would buy a currency pair if you believe the base currency will go up relative to the quote currency, or equivalently that the corresponding exchange rate will go up.

Selling or “going short” the currency pair implies selling the first, base currency, and buying the second, quote currency.

You would sell a currency pair if you believe the base currency will go down relative to the quote currency, or equivalently, that the quote currency will go up relative to the base currency.

An open trade or position is one in which you have either bought or sold one currency pair and have not sold or bought back an adequate amount of that currency pair to effectively close the trade.

When you have an open trade or position, you stand to either profit or lose from fluctuations in the price of that currency pair.

Forex Currency Trading Software

Different than stock trading, you will trade using special software programs which allow you to participate in Online Forex Trading. These Forex Trading systems are often referred to as Forex Robots.

Most traders agree that Forex Trading Robots give you an advantage as it removes all “emotion” from the Forex trading platform. The robots rely on proven, tested and quite highly accurate Forex signals to govern their FX trading.

In addition, most of these Forex trading platforms allow you to test your Forex Strategies in a “practice mode” before you actually use your own money.

Currency Forex Online Trading

Forex trading is the backbone of all international capital transactions. Compared to the slim profit margins rendered in other areas of commercial banking, huge profits are generally produced in a matter of minutes from minor currency market movements. Some banks generate as much as 60% of their profits from trading aggressively.

Trading volume has been growing at a rate of 25% per year since the mid-1980s and therefore it makes it true that the currency market is one of the world fastest growing industries.

Technology is having a huge effect on the FX market and millions of Dollars are moved from one currency into another every second of every day by banks and financial institutions through computers and, for the savvy investor, with the touch of a computer key.

Currency Trading can be an exciting alternative to the stock, bond, option or commodities markets. To some, it is a simpler way to trade and profit. To others it is a welcome break from disappointing corporate news that can drive a stock down dramatically within a few short minutes, even in seconds.

Whatever your reason, Forex currency trading may be just the break you need from other investments you are tired of watching do nothing or, worse yet, continue to decline in value. After all, this is money! You like money, don’t you?

For more information click here

Review–Free CCleaner vs 5 Windows Registry Cleaners

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CCleaner is known as one of the free Windows registry cleaners, while most of the award-winning Windows registry cleaners may cost you about $30. A lot of us, of course will prefer to use the free Windows registry cleaner, since FREE is the best advantage. However, if we put aside the money issue, which Windows registry cleaner will stand out and work better to boost our PC speed & performance?

Which one of them works better to boost PC speed & performance?
We have installed CCleaner and other 5 award-winning Windows registry cleaners (included in the top 10 registry cleaners on TopTenReviews) and tested them on our daily used computers (one is XP and another Windows 7).

Our free registry cleaner review includes a comparison of  the functions and features of Windows registry cleaners. Items with blue color are explained in detail below the table. Read on the free registry cleaner review and find your answer: which one of them can help you boost PC speed & performance?

Ease of Use:
While all above Windows registry cleaners are marked as easy to use. Wondershare Registry Optimizer, Advanced Registry Optimizer and Registry Mechanic stand out as better with their logically-designed interface. All functions can be accessed in one click. Besides, explanations to most operations are provided for novice users, which is quite user-friendly. Since cleaning registry is not an easy task, using a user-friendly tool may saves you much time and headache.

Backup and Restore:
Since any improper modification in Windows registry can lead to serious results, it is highly recommended that back up registry before you clean and fix Windows registry.

CCleaner: asks you whether you want to backup registry every time before you make change. Both the backup and restore is manual, which tends to be time-consuming and inconvenient.

Registry Cleaning:
Having scanned our computers for three times with the six utilities, I discovered that paid registry cleaners can find out more errors than the free registry cleaner – CCleaner, and most of the extra errors belong to the 14 categories that CCleaner can not cover. We are not judge, but if you try them both, you will get your answer.

Note: It is arbitrary to say that the more errors found in registry, the better the registry cleaner is. A more reasonable criterion should be like this: after you have scanned Windows registry and repaired all detected errors, how may errors remain at the second scan? If the second scan still find many errors, then is there any meaning for the first scanning and repairing?

Program Cleaning:
Program cleaning helps you scan for computer history (internet history, search history, recent activities, etc.), junk files as well as invalid shortcuts that pointing to non-existent files or programs. Your privacy is guaranteed and more disk space is saved.

System Optimizing:
Compared with that of professional system optimizer, system optimizing here is more like a one-click optimization. It is to adjust registry parameters designed to boost PC speed & performance.

Among the six utilities, only Registry Mechanic, Wondershare Registry Optimizer and Registry Easy offer system optimizing tool. And Wondershare Registry Optimizer makes this function easier to understand, it optimizes the following items, with each item being explained.
– Optimize internet connection.
– Speed up Windows refresh.
– Speed up browsing remote computer.
– Speed up loading internet explorer pages.
– Speed up Windows shutdown.
– Speed up the Menu show delay.
– Boost up the Windows prefetcher service.

Defrag Registry:
Defrag Registry: Registry defrag can reduce registry fragmentation, and compact the registry to a smaller size. Therefore, it will take less time to access registry data, and speed up loading programs and opening files. All above Windows registry cleaners offer registry defrag tool except CCleaner. Besides, Wondershare offers two defrag modes: quick defragmentation and full defragmentation.

Summary of the free registry cleaner review:
If you are reading this paragraph, you almost finish reading our free registry cleaner review. And now what’s your answer that which one of the six Windows registry cleaners works the best to boost your PC speed & performance?

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